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David B. Wittry Patents

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  6,498,830   Wittry     December 24, 2002   

          Method and apparatus for fabricating curved crystal x-ray optics

  6,236,710  Wittry     May 22, 2001

          Curved crystal x-ray optical device and method of fabrication

5,892,809     Wittry     April 6, 1999

          Simplified system for local excitation by monochromatic x-rays

4,599,741     Wittry     July 8, 1986      

          System for local X-ray excitation by monochromatic X-rays

3,927,319     Wittry     December 16, 1975

          Crystal for X-ray crystal spectrometer

4,807,268     Wittry      February 21, 1989

          Scanning monochrometer crystal and method of formation

4,882,780     Wittry      November 21, 1989

          Scanning monochromator crystal and related method

5,685,269     Wittry     November 11, 1997

          High speed rotary engine and ignition system

5,433,179     Wittry     July 18, 1995

          Rotary engine with variable compression ratio

5,622,149     Wittry     April 22, 1997

          High-power rotary engine with varaiable compression ratio

5,537,973     Wittry     July 23, 1996

          Rotary engine with glow ignition system

5,546,815     Wittry     August 20, 1996

          Digital wind-speed meter

5,127,028     Wittry      June 30, 1992

          Diffractord with doubly curved surface steps

4,847,502     Bradley, et al.             July 11, 1989      Inventors: Bradley; James G. (Altadena, CA), Conley; Joseph M. (La                                                                                                        Canada, CA), Wittry; David B. (Pasadena, CA)

          Dual cathode system for electron beam instruments

4,199,383     Wittry     April 22, 1980

          Method of making a photovoltaic cell employing a PbO-SnO heterojunction

4,194,233     Jones ,   et al.            March 18, 1980      Inventors: Jones; Addison B. (La Mirada, CA), Wittry; David B.                                                                                                          (Pasadena, CA)

          Mask apparatus for fine-line lithography

4,194,123     Wittry     March 18, 1980

          Lithographic apparatus

4,165,472     Wittry     August 21, 1979

          Rotating anode x-ray source and cooling technique therefor

4,099,199     Wittry     July 4, 1978

          Photovoltaic cell employing a PbO-SnO heterojunction


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