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David B. Wittry - Awards, Honors, Grants

Knapp Scholarship, University at Wisconsin, I949-5I

First Award, Essays on Gravity, Gravity Research Foundation, I949           

Guggenheim Fellow, Cambridge University, 1967-68           

Visiting Scientist, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, University of Osaka Prefecture, 1974

Presidential Award from the Microbeam Analysis Society for Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Microanalysis, 1980

Honorary Member, Microbeam Analysis Society, 1986

Birks Award for the best paper presented at the MAS National Conference 1987, 1989

Distinguished Scientist Award, Physical Sciences, Microscopy Society of America, 1995

Distinguished Service Citation, University of Wisconsin College of Engineering, 1996

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, 1998

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